POD "Red Neck" Wind Tests 


One of our objectives in testing POD was to observe the effect of high wind speeds on POD in both the open and closed dome positions. During the test period Beta PODs have already withstood extreme weather storms and passed with flying colors. 

The main objective of our "red neck" test was to see the effect of winds greater than 35 MPH on the open POD dome.

In most locations, astronomical observing, or atmospheric "seeing", deteriorates quickly at wind speeds above 25 MPH. Therefore there is no reason to have the POD dome open in speeds much greater than 25 MPH. With our roll off observatories we recommend closing the roof at wind speeds greater than 25 MPH.

As you'll see on the test video, POD will operate in the open position at winds speeds greater than 50 MPH, although the POD manual and assembly DVD will recommend that, to be prudent, and for safety reasons, you close and lock the dome at wind speeds greater than 35 MPH.

We were so confident that we ran the tests with only 6 of the 12 anchor holes used to anchor POD to the flat bed with 4" lag screws. Plus we didn't insert the mid wall bolts, just the bolts at the top of the wall and the foot peg at the bottom are holding the walls together. Not that we recommend this for regular use.

In conclusion POD will work great in the wind speeds for which it was designed. When your local wind speeds rise above 75 MPH sustained, stop worrying about your POD and concentrate on the protection of your home and family. 

To protect valuable equipment, remove it from POD when catastrophic storms are approaching. In addition, consider dismantling POD and temporarily storing POD and your equipment in a hardened shelter.

Technical Note -  The full res version of the video is 750 megs. The online video has been greatly compressed to about 20 meg and the wide screen aspect has been "squeezed".

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