Twenty One People in POD!

Glenn Mac Donald  set up Rock Mallin's Beta POD in Ottawa for an Astronomy Day public viewing event. 
Members of OAOG setup over 50(!) 'scopes, for the viewing pleasure of thousands of members of the public, in warm temps under a clear sky. Twenty one of them jumped into POD just to show you how big it is in there, along with a C 8i on a tripod.

Quick, someone call the Guinness World Record people! Photo courtesy Jean Dorais Photography

Astronomy Night in Ottawa

Another great Astronomy Day in Ottawa! The enthusiastic display of hardware brought out by the OAOG  can't help but draw a large crowd. This popular club typifies the astronomer's credo to "show, share, teach, learn".  Photo courtesy Jean Dorais Photography

In Texas, Andy Raiford invited local astronomers to stop by and visit his POD on Astronomy Day. Most were engineers, and as Andy says engineer wanna be's, and all were impressed. Thanks guys! As usual most were surprised by POD's larger than expected size.

Farhat (POD engineer) spent  Astronomy Day confirming and reviewing Beta field reports.
Thanks Farhat!


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