For those with neighboring lights, the POD Visor allows you to temporarily turn your Clam Shell Dome into a Slotted Dome, in about 3 seconds. Provides slightly more wind and dew protection as a fringe benefit.

Lightweight and low cost, the POD Visor is a great addition to your POD for those in urban settings.

SkyShed POD is the the most configurable observatory on the planet. Permanent or Mobile, Slotted Dome, Clam Shell Dome, Slide Off Dome, All In One. Choose the configuration that suits your location, your object, or your mood.

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                             Red/Blue 3D Images

Ecomate Insulated Wall (Top)

We perfected a method of filling the POD walls with hardened Ecomate foam insulation. Not only does this make the already strong walls incredibly strong, it cuts out IR waves, UV waves, and light.

The thick insulation helps keep outside hot and cold temps on the outside in extreme environments. Only adds 8 pounds per wall panel!

Ecomate® Awarded The IBEX Environmental Award!

Click Here for a larger Wall Panel view 

In addition, since we can't insulate the POD Bay, we add 15 lbs of more HDPE to create a "Heavy" Bay at 50 lbs when you choose the Insulation and Heavier Bay option. This makes the already strong Bay even stronger, helps keep IR waves out, and aids in cooling in hot temps.

POD Zenith Table!
or PZT

For those who want easier zenith access with some scopes we have developed the new PZT. How about slewing through zenith from horizon to horizon, and not having to move the dome all night? The PZT needs no motors, no chains, no need to interface the dome and scope. No problems. Way more time for imaging. Longer duration images.

The PZT sits flush with the bottom of the primary dome flange and the outside Wall/Bays. Whenever you want, simply and easily slide the entire open dome onto the PZT. POD Meets Roll Off. The Best of Both Worlds!

Replacing the dome bracket screws with Quick Release Brackets means the brackets come off easily by hand, no tools needed. QRBs are included in the PZT Hardware Kit.

The PZT is 30" deep, meaning with or without any mount offset, you get a full and clear view way past zenith. In any scope type. From Horizon to Horizon!

You can also move the dome around on the PZT, or secure it to the table. Polyethylene is almost "self lubricating". This means it slides great on finished plywood. The POD chamfered, double walled flange, makes it slide easier than trying to plane into the wood like a single wall dome might.

PZT is made from stackable pieces.

It may sound radical to some, but those of us with roll offs are used to rolling off our roof. In that case, a long way, and a much greater weight. By easily sliding your POD dome back a couple of feet, you have way past zenith and still get lots of wind protection with the dome slid off in the direction of the prevailing wind. Kind of like a motorcycle windshield. You may have to use your scope dew heater a little more, but your equipment will be fine in the Bays, or inside the wall. It's a small trade off for the views that are available.

Using the PZT you have all the advantages of the innovative POD dome design for regular observing and photographing, PLUS the ability to image for hours through zenith, with about 30 seconds of preparation and little effort. The table can be used from time to time when you want to focus on targets which slew through zenith, or, seasonally, rarely, or nightly.

The PZT Hardware Kit is Now Available in the POD Checkout System! Order Now


POD Dome Cover



Industrial strength, vinyl dome cover. Made of the same material that's used to cover steel carrying flat bed trailers, large outdoor vinyl banners, and boats. Available in a range of colors.

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The material used to make POD is rated to last for decades, so why cover it?
Even though the material used to make your POD will last longer than any added cover can, it doesn't mean that acid rain, pollen, leaves, bird excrement, and other atmospheric matter won't build up on your POD dome, making it dirty.

You can use a mop and warm water with mild soap to clean your POD once a year. Or just as you cover your classic car, BBQ, pool, etc., why not keep you observatory investment looking like new for many years?

An industrial strength vinyl dome cover creates a water/snow/ice/dirt/pollen/etc. shield. Plus it passively lowers internal POD temps in high temp locations. After a rain or snow/ice storm you can easily remove the cover to expose your dry dome that's ready to go.

The cover blocks Infrared and Ultraviolet waves, protecting the dome from the harsh sun, and cooling it at the same time in hot sunny locations. It's designed in a "bucket hat" shape, so that it doesn't block the ventilation gap between the POD dome and wall. This also allows more air to circulate beneath the cover.

The cover is medium weight (20 lbs.), and quick and easy to use
. You add 6, 5" X 3/8" eye bolts, and 6, 15" bungee cords
. Simple instructions are included.

Comes in your choice of White, Light Gray, Medium Green, and Tan. Rated to last 7-10 years. 1 Year Warranty.

Ships 2-3 weeks after ordering. Shipping included in price. Order via POD Extras in the checkout system.
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Download Cover Usage Instructions


Here's what experienced POD owners and esteemed astro educators are saying about POD and the new enhancements -

Wayne, You da' Man!!! If someone had told me last week that you could have made an improvement to the POD that would stir up this much excitement, I would have found it hard to believe. You've taken the one point that some folks perceived as a negative and turned it into a positive. Nobody can complain about the zenith problem ever again... Great job, Wayne and Group! John

I am still blown away with all of your great enhancements lately! I am almost sure that you would have never imagined that you could make the insulated dome at an affordable price. And, the PZT is exactly what all these “zenith crazed” people needed to make their PODs perfect! Who could ask for more from a product? It is immediately accessible, simple to use, inexpensive to buy and maintain, and the company head on down to the employees are all wonderful people. DR

It belongs in the category "That's so simple I should have thought of it myself". Well done! Garry.

With the changes (evolution) of the POD in the last few months POD is just going to blow everything else away. As is not the case with a lot of other manufacturers out there, Wayne and his group have paid close attention to our experiences and suggestions for POD, and made many changes. Thanks to Wayne, his associates, and the entire user group for making POD the best low cost solution for every amateur astronomers dream, an observatory. Dr. Mike.

All these improvements! I purchased my POD on November and I absolutely love it; it is all that Wayne promised and so much more; I am proud to be the only person in a 500km radius with his own full-time observatory. I am going to name my next cat "Wayne Parker" ... Andrew


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