SkyShed POD MAX ONEWe're very happy to announce that the 12.5'+ POD MAX observatory is in development.
(See 3D CAD images below)

The "12.5'+" designation is due to the fact that the standard model will measure 12.5' (3.81m) in diameter, while adding "POD MAX Bays" will increase the wall diameter, depending on the number of Bays, to almost 18' in diameter. The 12.5'+ sized POD MAX is designed primarily for serious astro photographers with large equipment, schools and public institutions, and for corporate research.

In comparison to the popular SkyShed POD 8' model, POD MAX will have a higher, thicker wall, taller residential style door with deadbolt, motorization and internet interfacing from the ground up by Kendrick Astro Insturments.

Since its primary job will be for astro photography and research the dome design will be more of a traditional dome opening. The mobility concept will be carried over from the 8' POD design and you won't need a crane to assemble POD MAX. Just a friend or two. Best of all it will cost less than any comparably sized commercial ob now available.

With thousands of SkyShed Roll Offs and SkyShed PODs in place around the world, owner feedback has provided us with a unique insight in what is needed for the "ultimate" 12.5' plus observatory, and work is continuing on its development. We're extremely excited about bringing the finest, affordable, fully conceived, observatory to astronomers around the world this Spring. We're now ramping up for production.

If you are looking for the ultimate mid sized observatory you owe it to yourself not to commit to other designs until you've seen POD MAX. Watch for more info on the SkyShed POD website and in our Yahoo discussion groups.

POD MAX is NOW in Pre-Production!

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SkyShed POD MAX Celestron Pro CGE

POD MAX ONE  - 99% Complete!
Finishing MAX ONE Now - Mass Production Begins Soon!

POD MAX Red/Blue 3D CAD Views!

Click on the images below to view larger versions. Images are Red/Blue 3D with blue on the right. They can be viewed in 2D without 3D glasses. For clarity they are in .bmp format and can take a few seconds to load.

The CAD images represent various POD MAX models from a standard Max with no Bays, all the way up to the XL6 with 6 Bays (although only 5 can be seen in the image). POD MAX is shown in educational/outreach/club, and private settings.

Some specifications are listed below the images. For scale the adult manikins are 5' 9" and the child manikins are 3' 6". More dimensions below.


POD MAX XL3 with 3 Add-On Bays


POD MAX XL6 (5 Bays Showing)

POD MAX XL3 Private Setting

POD MAX XL3 Private Setting

POD MAX XL6 Educational/Club Setting

POD MAX XL3 Educational/Club Setting

POD MAX with PlaneWave .7m Scope

POD MAX with PlaneWave .7m Scope

POD MAX with PlaneWave .7m Scope

POD MAX with Paramount MX Mount and 16" SCT Scope

POD MAX with Paramount MX Mount and 16" SCT Scope

POD 8' vs. POD MAX Size Comparison

POD 8' vs. POD MAX Size Comparison

POD 8' vs. POD MAX Size Comparison

MAX Dome Only with transition for 12 X 12' base

Dome is 12.5' wide by 13' high. The walls are 6' 4" high, 5" thick. The door is 5' 8" high. The door is 34" wide with a dead bolt lock. There can also be 2 doors for outreach settings where you want file "file 'em in and out". The Bays are 5' 6" internal height.

The dome is single walled, black lined, as are the Bays. Ecomate spray foam, hardened insulation in the walls creates incredible strength and a fantastic temperature block.

Thanks for checking out POD MAX. More soon.



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